Types of Braces

1) Traditional braces are available in ceramic or metal, with silver or colored modules (the small pieces that hold the wires in place on the teeth)

2) Self-ligating braces are available in ceramic or metal; modules are not required.

3) Lingual braces are placed behind the teeth; they are available in ceramic and metal.

4) An aligner is a transparent plastic sheath that fits over the teeth to reposition them.


Invisible Braces

We offer a modern solution of straightening your teeth through clear braces, made specifically to fit your mouth.

Teeth are sometimes in an irregular position since their outgrowth and sometimes they move later in life. With clear braces we can treat various orthodontic irregularities and archive a beautiful smile without the discomfort from having metal on your teeth.

Metal braces Vs. Invisible Braces

  • Permanent solution
  • Effective treatment
  • Beautiful, straight teeth
  • Completly invisible
  • Easy to remove any time
  • Satisfying results
  • Easy cleaning & brushing
  • No diet restrictions
  • Comfortable plastic tray